Plugin Installation

This guide covers the installation process for a general integration plugin.

All Sonoran CAD integration plugins require the standard version of Sonoran CAD or higher. For more information, see our pricing page.

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Installation Video

View our framework installation video also covers the installation of a standard plugin (Unit Status).

Installing a Plugin

This example uses the postals plugin.

If you have not already installed the plugin framework, please do so before continuing.

1. Download

Download the plugin from its repository. These are found under its plugin page, like here for the postals plugin.

2. Extract

Extract the plugins to your sonorancad\plugins folder.

3. Configure and Enable the Config

  1. Open the CHANGEMEconfig_postals.lua file (name depends on the plugin) and configure as desired. The files are usually commented, and more details are on its plugin page.

  2. Enable the plugin by changing the enabled variable from false to true in the plugin config.

2. Rename and remove the CHANGEME from the file toconfig_postals.lua (depending on name of plugin).

4. Restart Sonoran CAD

Restart the sonorancad resource by entering restart sonorancad in the console and enjoy your new plugin!


Sonoran CAD's integration framework and plugins will automatically update with the latest features, fixes, and changes!

Or, run sonoran pluginupdate to instantly check and update all plugins.

Having Trouble?

If you're having trouble installing a plugin, check out our common troubleshooting guide:

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