Custom Audio Notifications

Learn more about customizing the audio notifications for new dispatches, dispatch signals, and more!

Custom audio notifications are limited based upon your community's version. For more information, see our pricing or view how to check your community limits.

Customizing your Audio Notifications

1. Access the Customization Menu

In the admin page, navigate to Customization > Customization > Notification Tones

2. Customize the Audio Tones

Here, you can specify the audio file that will play for new dispatches, panic sounds, dispatch signals, and more. Direct uploading is supported for communities on the plus version or higher.

3. Save

Don't forget to press save!

4. Toggle On/Off Text-To-Speech (Optional)

Text-to-speech notifications are currently only available on the Chrome web version. You can toggle these on/off in the settings menu.


Text-To-Speech Cuts Out Game Audio

For some users, text-to-speech sounds may cut out in-game or other audio sources. This is because the selected voice may be a Windows or system based source.

Simply change the selected TTS voice to a non-windows or system based source to resolve.

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