Lookup Name or Plate

Retrieve all records associated with a name or license plate.

This API endpoint requires the Plus version of Sonoran CAD or higher. For more information, see our pricing page.

API response times may be increased slightly for communities with Database Sync enabled, depending upon the speed, latency and size of your in-game database.

This framework export handles the Lookup Name or Plate API endpoint.

API Call Example

function performLookup(types, plate, partial, first, last, mi, cb)
        ["types"] = {},
        ["plate"] = plate,
        ["partial"] = partial,
        ["first"] = first,
        ["last"] = last,
        ["mi"] = mi
    }}, "LOOKUP", function(res)
        if cb ~= nil then

Searches must include all name/plate data fields, but some can be left blank. Searches must include at least one field with string content (ex: first name 'John') and can not have all fields left blank.

To perform a plate based search, simply fill in the plate property and leave the rest blank.

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