Addresses and Street Names

Sonoran CAD allows you to upload custom street names to auto-populate in the dispatch call editor.

Street address customization requires the plus version of Sonoran CAD or higher. For more information, see our pricing or view how to check your community limits.

Import Street Names from a Spreadsheet (CSV)

1. Copy the Google Sheet

Navigate to one of our official street name Google sheet and make a copy. Using a copy of our official sheet ensures your street names are formatted correctly.

2. Add Your Street Names

Now that you have copied this sheet into your Google Drive, you can add new rows and format your street names and addresses.

Do NOT add additional columns. Every street name must be on a separate row to be properly imported into Sonoran CAD.

3. Download the CSV

In Google Sheets, navigate to File > Download > Comma Separated Values (.csv) to download the file.

4. Import the CSV File

In Sonoran CAD, navigate to Admin > Customization > Customization > Addresses

In the addresses section, select the "Import" button. Then, select "CSV" as the import type and select your downloaded CSV file.

After selecting the CSV file, your street names and addresses will be imported into the CAD and saved automatically.

5. View the Call Editor

In the dispatch call editor, the address section is now a dropdown. This dropdown will auto-filter and suggest your street names and addresses as you type.

6. Utilize in Custom Records

Custom records can also have a field with the type set to address. This field will auto-filter the same list of street addresses from your gamemode.

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