Discord Rich Presence

Our desktop app allows you to advertise your community right in Discord!
Rich presence is included with all versions of Sonoran CAD, but customization requires the Standard plan or higher, and the Pro plan for complete customization with the icon. For more information, see our pricing or view how to check your community limits.

What is Discord Rich Presence?

When running our desktop application, Discord can automatically detect and display information about your community.
Sonoran CAD - Discord Rich Presence

Customizing your Rich Presence

Sonoran CAD - Discord Presence Customization

Customizing Buttons

Discord presence currently allows for two customizable buttons.
Navigate to Admin > Customization > Customization > Discord Rich Presence

For communities on the Standard plan or higher:

- Button #2 may be customized to any Sonoran CAD or Sonoran CMS invitation link. - Ex: or

For communities on the Pro plan:

- Both buttons may be customized to any URL desired. - The Icon and title can also be customized with a Discord developer application.

Customizing the Icon

Communities on the Pro version may customize the rich presence icon:

1. Create a new Discord Application

Discord Developer - New Application

2. Copy your Client ID

Under OAuth2, copy your Client ID
Discord Developer - Application Client ID

3. Add an Icon

Next, upload an icon for your new application. Be sure to copy down the name of the icon for later.
Discord Developer - Application Icon

4. Configure in Sonoran CAD

Back in the admin customization menu, we can paste the Discord application's Client ID and Icon name.
Sonoran CAD - Custom Discord Presence Config
Once saved, your Discord presence for all community members will reflect your custom icon, title, and buttons.
Sonoran CAD - Custom Discord Presence View

Toggle On/Off Rich Presence

Community Toggle

To hide the invite button for your community's Discord rich presence, simply leave the button text and URL blank.

User Toggle

In the settings menu, users can toggle this display on or off for their individual desktop client.
Sonoran CAD Settings - Disable Discord's Rich Presence

Known Issues

My presence visible, but not to others?

If your Discord presence is visible to you personally but not to others, ensure the button labels don't include any sort of :emoji: in them.