Attach Unit

The EVENT_UNIT_ATTACH push event is sent when an identifier/unit is attached to a new call.


This push event is not sent triggered via the API. API triggers should be listened to locally on the game server.

  "key": "YOUR_API_KEY", // Authenticate legitimate event traffic
  "data": {
    "eventOriginIdent": 123, // Identifier that created/caused this event
    "ident": 1,              // (Option 1) Single Identifier/Unit ID
    "idents": [123, 456],    // (Option 2) Multiple Identifiers/Unit IDs
    "callId": 111            // Dispatch Call ID

Identifier Field Options

The ident is a unique number specifying the a unit "identifier" being attached to a call. This field may be replaced with the idents array, specifying multiple identifiers being attached to the call at once.

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