Database Sync Credentials

Getting your database Credentials to use with Database Sync.

Database Sync is not enabled with the free version of Sonoran CAD. For more information, see our pricing or view how to check your community limits.

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Database Sync is a read-only system. All characters, licenses, and vehicle registrations pulled from your database can not be modified in the CAD. Database Merge allows you to save off additional, manually specified data in the CAD.

1. Getting your Credentials

phpMyAdmin - Database Credentials

1. Navigate to your phpMyAdmin Web Panel

2. Navigate to User Accounts

At the top of your screen click on User Accounts.

3. Create a new user account

4. Fill out the account information

The Host Name field should be set as Any Host and the value as %. This will allow external IPs (Sonoran CAD) to connect to your database.

5. Once created, edit the user account privileges

6. Select your specific database

7. Select only the required permissions

SELECT and SHOW VIEW will ensure this account can only read from your database.

8. Save the user and set credentials in Sonoran CAD

You will now want to go to and get your Public IP Address to use as your Host.

Database Translation Information:







User name




See Database Sync and Merge Connection Credentials to figure out how to add Credentials to your CAD Instance using the information above.

2. Port Forwarding

If your database port has not already been opened, you will need to forward/open this port. Typically, the default MySQL port is 3306.

To check if your MySQL port has been properly opened, visit a port checking utility and enter your MySQL server's IP address and port.

If you are unsure how to open a port, you will need to contact your hosting provider.

IP Whitelisting

My community wants to whitelist only the Sonoran CAD IP address to connect on this SQL user account. How can I do this?

You may whitelist the following IP:

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