Command Line Interface (CLI)

Sonoran CAD's CLI allows you to quickly create and close dispatch calls, attach, detach, add notes, change statuses, and more right from your keyboard!

UI Overview

The CLI allows you to more quickly run common dispatch actions without the need to move your mouse, click, or drag-and-drop. The CLI is optimized to make these actions as fast as possible.

Accessing the CLI

Via Hotkey

The CLI can be brought up using a global hotkey. This will automatically open and focus your cursor in the first box, or maximize and focus a minimized CLI window tab.

Via Window Tab

You can also access the CLI from the start menu > Dispatch > Command Line

Utilizing the CLI

The CLI is broken into four boxes. Each box has auto-complete as you type.

Press Tab or Enter on your keyboard when the filter is down to one option. This will auto-complete to the remaining option and focus your cursor into the next box.

If you've already completed the last box for the action type, Tab or Enter will automatically submit the command.

Command List

Box 1Box 2Box 3Box 4


Unit Identifier

Postal Code


Call ID Number


Call ID Number

Unit Identifier


Call ID Number

Unit Identifier


Call ID Number



Status Code

Unit Identifier


Call ID Number

Note Text

Command Descriptions

  • CREATE: Create a new dispatch call from a saved type, specifying a unit and postal code.

  • CLOSE: Close a dispatch call from the ID.

  • ATTACH: Attach a unit to a dispatch call ID.

  • DETACH: Detach a unit from a dispatch call ID.

  • VIEW: View a dispatch call ID in the call editor.

  • CLEAR: Clear the call editor.

  • STATUS: Set a unit or group status.

  • NOTE: Add a note to a dispatch call ID.

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