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Receive free Sonoran CAD integration plugin installation, free Five PD installation, and 30-100% off every month when you bundle with Sonoran Servers!

Additionally, you can get 25% off if you choose to purchase CAD, CMS, Radio, or Sonoran One as a quarterly subscription (available at Stripe checkout).

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How do I change what community my subscription is applied to?

At any time with an active subscription (including canceled subscriptions that are still active) you may change what community is benefiting from the subscription.

Simply change the community ID on the active subscription to a new one.

pageCreate and Manage a Subscription

How do I cancel, upgrade, or downgrade my subscription?

You can cancel, upgrade, or downgrade your subscription at any time using the payment center.

pageCreate and Manage a Subscription

Are subscriptions a one-time payment, or monthly?

With Sonoran CAD, you have the option to choose either a monthly or quarterly subscription. We offer multiple different subscription levels at different price ranges. You can compare our plans to see what works best for your community.

By choosing a quarterly subscription, you are given a 25% discount. Simply select the 3-month billing option at checkout and the discount will automatically be applied!

Monthly subscriptions are renewed one month after the start date, and quarterly subscriptions are renewed three months after the start date. You will receive an email from Stripe a few days before you are charged again. This way, you aren't charged again without prior notice.

Can I purchase a lifetime or yearly subscription?

Due to ongoing server hosting, development, maintenance, and customer support costs, we are unable to offer a lifetime subscription. All subscriptions are charged on a monthly or quarterly recurring basis. We do not offer yearly subscriptions, although we do offer quarterly subscriptions at a 25% discount as stated before.

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept all major credit or debit cards through the in-app payment center. All payment processing is handled via Stripe.

What happens if my subscription expires? Will I lose my data?

If your subscription expires, your CAD will automatically be downgraded to the free version. Your data will not be lost, but you will lose access to the additional customization or integration features that were included with your paid plan.

Communities with no active logins for 30 days will be automatically removed.

I purchased expert installation, how do I activate this?

If you've purchased expert installation, simply reach out to our customer support team.

Refund and Purchase Policy

For more information on our refund and purchasing policy, click here.

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