Custom Domain & Login Page

Looking to use your own domain name with Sonoran CAD? We've made it easy for you!

Custom login pages require the standard version or higher. For more information, see our pricing or view how to check your community limits.

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The custom login page allows your community members to register, sign-in, and access your CAD all on your own domain! In addition, user signups and password recovery emails have your custom branding. Logging in also takes you directly to the community, instead of having to select the community at the menu.

Sonoran CAD Custom Login Page Example

DNS Record Method (Recommended)

1. Add a CNAME Record for your Domain

If you are unsure how to add a DNS record, you will need to contact your domain registrar. Or, you may purchase a new domain name with Sonoran Servers.

In your domain's DNS records, add a CNAME type record with the name set to any desired subdomain and the content set to

The example record below sets as the custom login page URL.

Cloudflare - DNS Record

Cloudflare Users: Be sure to have the DNS record proxy DISABLED - and set to DNS Only.

2. Set the Domain Name in Sonoran CAD

In the Sonoran CAD customization menu, set the custom login page URL. This should not contain any https:// or other extensions.

Don't forget to press save! Users can now visit this custom domain to view the CAD with a custom login page, including receiving your branded emails for signups and password recovery messages.

Sonoran CAD - Custom Login URL

When updating or changing an existing DNS record, it may take some time for the change to propagate (based on your TTL). You can try running ipconfig /flushdns in a Windows CMD window and restarting your browser. Otherwise, you can test with other browsers/devices/users while you wait.

iFrame Method

If you are unable to use Cloudflare for DNS management, you can also host an HTML page that renders the CAD in an iFrame.

1. Download the HTML File

​You can download a ZIP of the HTML page here.​

2. Edit the HTML File

Replace YOUR_COMMUNITY_ID_HERE in the index.html file with your community ID.

3. Host the HTML File

Now that you've saved the custom URL inside of the HTML file, you can host this with your own domain on your own web server. Users can now register and access your CAD from your custom domain, and will even receive your custom branded emails for account actions.

In-Game Tablet

When using the in-game Tablet resource, the easiest way to display your custom login page is by adding a query string.

Open the tablet/html/index.html file and paste your custom community URL.

Simply replace YOUR_COMMUNITY_ID_HERE in the URL with your community ID. EX:

Tablet HTML file