Voice Commands

Sonoran CAD’s voice commands allow for quick and easy to use actions via voice.

Currently, Sonoran CAD only supports voice commands in the Chrome desktop browser.

Voice recognition is provided by Google, and performance may vary based upon pronunciation, speed, and other factors.

1. Enable Microphone Access

When navigating to a page with voice commands enabled, the browser will prompt you for microphone access.

2. Ensure Your Microphone is being Received

Now that microphone access has been granted, a red circle will appear at the top right of the browser tab.

3. Test out the Voice Commands

Your keyword can be changed from "Sonoran" to something customizable. For more information, check out our guide on custom voice command keywords.


Sonoran, Panic

Lookup Name

Sonoran, lookup name John Doe

Lookup Plate

Sonoran, lookup plate ABCD1234

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