Development Branch

Sonoran CAD provides a dedicated development API server and web version to work directly with our communities. Find out more information below!

The development API and CAD branches are entirely separate from the current production version. For more information in working with our development team please contact us. or join our community Discord.

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Rate Limiting

Sonoran CAD's development branch maintains the same rate limiting as production. However, rate limits only result in a one minute block as opposed to an hour.

Development API Server

All API endpoints and requests should be made to the following address:

Development CAD

The latest CAD development version can be accessed at the following address:

Development Subscription - Free

Data will be reset at random times and this environment is not suitable for production use. Use only for testing new features when requested by Sonoran Software Development and for developing API based resources.

When building or testing our API library, you can upgrade your development CAD to pro for free!

  1. Create a new PRO subscription in the development CAD billing portal.

  2. At checkout enter 4242 4242 4242 4242 as the card number with any CVV and expiration date.

  3. Apply the subscription to your development testing CAD.

Developer Discord

Join our Discord and view the #request-role channel for access to our community testing and development channel. Here you can discuss API related issues, development, and more.

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