Integration API ID

Setting your account's API ID allows you to interact with the CAD in-game via Sonoran CAD's integration plugin library.

API IDs are set individually per community. Your API IDs set in one community will not transfer over to another.

GTA RP - Setting API ID with CAD Tablet

  1. Type /showcad in the game chat to open the Tablet.

  2. Login to Sonoran CAD using the tablet.

  3. Make sure you have already joined the GTA RP server's CAD community. Do so now if you have not.

  4. Click the red banner's "retry" button and the page will refresh.

  5. Your API ID should now be set for that CAD community.

Editing Your Account's API ID

1. Open Settings

From the start menu, navigate to System > Settings

2. Paste in your API ID and Press Save

When inputting your API ID, it is important to note that it is case-sensitive. Make sure you are putting in the proper upper and lower case letters!

1. Determine what API ID is Used

Some communities may use an API ID from in-game. This could be your Steam hex, game license key, etc. Other communities may use your Discord identifier.

If you're not sure, ask an administrator from your community.

2. Retrieving an API ID from In-Game

Assuming your community has the API ID plugin installed, enter /apiid in-game. This will display a chat message with your API ID.

3. Retrieve your API ID from Discord

If your community uses Discord as the API ID identifier, we highly recommend using the /myid command with our Discord bot.

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