Adding a Record

This guide covers creating a new record in Sonoran CAD.

Open the Record Editor

In the police, fire, EMS, or dispatch page open the record panel.

This can be found as a pinned tab, via taskbar search, or in the taskbar sub menu.

Select The Record Type

Click the "New Record" button and a dropdown menu will appear, where users can select the new record type.

Records (by default) are comprised of several sections:

  1. Record Flags

  2. Agency/Department Information

  3. Civilian Information

  4. Vehicle Information

  5. Charges

  6. Narrative

  7. Status

All records and reports are fully customizable, you may change the fields as much as you want. Each of the default record types are customizable as well and may look different if your community has customized the record shown below.

Civilian and vehicle information sections also include a search feature. Here, you can search and import information from a registered civilian or vehicle. This feature can also search for civilians and vehicles directly from your in-game database.

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