System Logs

Learn more about Sonoran CAD's advanced logging feature!

Sonoran CAD logs all user actions in-depth, allowing community administrators to take action against user abuse and help debug common issues.

Searching for Logs

1. Access the Log Panel

In the admin page, navigate to Advanced > Logs

2. Filtering and Searching for Logs

The log panel allows you to filter search results by date, log type, username, and log contents.

Log Type

The log Type dropdown allows you to search and select specific log types. This allows you to search only for logs pertaining to a specific action in the CAD.

If left blank, no log filtering will be applied.

Log Date

The log Date selection allows you to choose the specific date the logs are from. Note: Dates and the accompanying timestamps are based in UTC.


The log Username selection allows you to search and filter logs down to a specific username. You can also search for a partial username.

Log Text

You can also filter logs based on partial text put into the Log field.

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