Discord Bot

Describes various policies that apply to Sonoran Bot specifically.

Privacy Policy

Sonoran Bot follows the same privacy policy as our website, with the additional disclosures:

Data Storage

Sonoran Bot (the "Bot") stores information necessary to carry out its operations and for troubleshooting purposes for support staff. The following information is kept:

  • Discord server ("Guild") information, including the ID and name of the server;

  • Discord user IDs of those who interact with the bot;

  • Discord role IDs specified during the setup process;

  • Debugging log data that may contain some or all of the above information.

Server owners may request deletion of all this data by contacting our support staff. Only the Sonoran development team has access to this data at any point in time, and this data is not used for any other purpose other than to carry out essential functions of the Bot.

Terms of Use

Sonoran Bot uses the same Terms of Use policy as our website and application.

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