Granting Account Permissions

Granting permissions to user accounts is easy! We'll help you get started.

Permission Granting Options

User accounts can be granted automatically with our Discord bot, manually granted by an administrator in your community, or by generating a "Permission Key" for users to access independently.

Sonoran CMS is your single point of management for your community's documents, whitelisting, in-game permissions, community website, and more!

In addition to whitelisting and in-game permissions, Sonoran CMS can automatically manage your Sonoran CAD permissions!

Discord Bot Roles

Our Discord bot allows you to automatically sync Discord roles with CAD permissions.

Manually Granting Permissions

1. Open the Accounts Menu

In the admin menu, select the "Accounts" option to view all user accounts in your community.

New and Pending User Accounts

New accounts are automatically set to "PENDING" To view pending accounts, you will need to change the accounts drop down in the top left of the window from "Active" to "Pending"

2. Select an Account

Simply click on an account to manually edit the permissions, ban, or kick a user. After changing a user's permissions, don't forget to press save!

Permission Keys

Permission keys are a great way to allow users to automatically grant themselves their necessary permissions.

1. Create a Permission Key

In the admin menu, select Accounts > Permission Keys Here, you can create a new permission key. Simply enter the new key name, toggle the associated permissions, and press save.

2. Apply a Permission Key

At the community menu, your users can enter the new permission key. After pressing enter, the associated permissions will automatically be applied to their account.

Invalid Key Error?

Permission keys are case sensitive, so ensure your users are entering the key exactly, with the proper capitalization.

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