API Options for Adding and Modifying Records

Our API has multiple options when adding or modifying a custom record. Learn more about these below!

Available Endpoints

All endpoints for new and existing records and characters utilize these two common methods.

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Option 1 - Dictionary Values

The easiest way to create or modify a custom record via API is to supply a "dictionary" of key/value field pairs.

1. Getting the `recordTypeId`

For adding a new record or character, you will need to specify the recordTypeId.

The recordTypeId is a unique number for your custom record template. This is visible in the custom record JSON's recordTypeId field, or next to the template name in the admin menu.

2. Getting the `recordId`

For modifying an existing record or character, you will need to specify the recordId.

When viewing a record's JSON from a lookup endpoint, the record's id field is the unique ID for that filed record.

You can also view a record's ID in the UI with an id type custom field.

3. Creating the `replaceValues` Dictionary

The replaceValues dictionary specifies the field UID (unique ID) and the desired text value to input.

You can easily copy a template field's UID in the admin menu by expanding the section and copying the very last column in the editor. This is shown as the Field Mapping ID or Field UID.

Example Dictionary

"replaceValues": {
    "first": "Brian", // Set field with UID of 'first' to 'Brian'
    "_qkz7j5fxy": "Some Value" // Set field with UID of '_qkz7j5fxy' to 'Some Value'

Option 2 - Raw JSON

The more complicated but complete way to add or modify custom records via API is supplying the full, raw JSON structure of the record.

Custom records require a strict format with several dozen different data fields. Due to the complexity, it is highly recommended to create a new custom record template in the CAD UI, and then retrieve the record template for adding new records.

Or, view a detailed explanation of custom record formatting.

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