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Display your identifier information, attached call information, and more on your gaming stream!
Sonoran CAD - Live Stream Overlay
Stream Overlay - Bodycam

What is Sonoran CAD's Livestream Overlay?

Sonoran CAD has a built-in livestream overlay, allowing you to display your live unit information, call information, and more!

Our Twitch bot can also be configured to send out chat messages when data is modified.

Bodycam Overlay

Sonoran CAD - Stream Overlay Bodycam

The free version of the overlay does not include the customizable bodycam asset. However, you can still create custom overlay text with the free version!

Learn more about the full version of Sonoran CAD's stream overlay!

The bodycam creates local text files and hosts a local webserver. This requires the desktop application to run.

The stream overlay also includes a customizable version of the popular XION Chase Cam asset.

This allows you to customize a bodycam overlay on your stream, with your real-time unit and call information.

1. Set a File Directory

First, ensure you are using the desktop version of Sonoran CAD. The application has to generate physical files, and host a local webserver to work. This can not be done in a browser.

In the stream overlay, open the txt file directory viewer and select a folder for the text files and bodycam webpage to be generated:

Stream Overlay - Text file Location

2. Configuring the Bodycam Contents

In the livestream overlay config section, expand the Bodycam section.

Here, you can enable and customize the data placement and keys just as before with the customizable text files.

  • Expand the Unit Updates or Call Updates Section

  • Toggle ON the txt file

  • COPY the field key

  • PASTE the field key into the bodycam section

  • SAVE the configuration once complete

You can also optionally specify a different port for the bodycam webpage to run on (9990 is the default).

3. Add the Bodycam to OBS

In OBS, add a new "Browser" source and paste the URL listed in the bodycam section. By default, this will be http://localhost:9990

OBS - New Browser Source

Paste the URL into the browser source and hit OK.

4. Customize the Size and Placement

You can now customize the size and placement of this browser window in OBS as you normally would.

Configuring the Twitch Bot

Sonoran CAD's stream overlay also comes with a configurable Twitch bot. This bot will send out chat updates when unit or call data is updated.

The Twitch bot is not included with the free version of the Stream Overlay. Learn more about the full version of Sonoran CAD's stream overlay.​

1. Create a Twitch OAuth Token

Create a new Twitch OAuth token by going to https://twitchapps.com/tmi/​

2. Configure your Twitch Bot Token and Username

Using the overlay in OBS, select the Twitch Bot button in the taskbar. Paste in your Twitch channel name and OAuth key.

Overlay - Twitch Bot Credentials

Once set, you can press Test to display a test message in your Twitch chat.

3. Configure the Bot's Event Data

Every piece of unit and call data can be toggled on or off individually.

It is highly recommended to only toggle on data updates that will not be frequently spammed. Toggling too many data fields and updating data too quickly may result in Twitch rate limiting your bot.

Overlay - Twitch Data Fields

4. Save and Run

Once you have configured your Twitch Bot's credentials and data fields, press Save.

Now, whenever one of those data fields is updated, your Twitch bot will send a chat message.

Sonoran CAD - Stream Overlay

Debugging the Twitch Bot

If you're having issues seeing the Twitch bot messages, view the Twitch Logs panel in the stream overlay.

This will contain valuable information on the twitch bot's connection, rate limiting, and other errors.

Overlay - Twitch Logs

If you have too many data fields toggled, and are sending Twitch updates too quickly you may experience rate limiting.

Custom Overlay Text

The overlay is immensely customizable, allowing you to customize every piece of data displayed.

1. Accessing the Overlay Window

The overlay configuration modal can be opened by navigating to Start Menu > System > Stream Overlay. Or, by searching in the start menu.

2. Configuring Text File Location

While the Twitch bot can run in a browser instance of Sonoran CAD, the desktop application is required, to generate unit/call data txt files.

In the stream overlay, open the txt file directory viewer and select a folder for the text files to be generated:

Stream Overlay - Text file Location

3. Toggle and Configure Keys

The free version of the overlay is limited to three (3) data keys. Learn more about the full version of Sonoran CAD's stream overlay!

In the Configuration tab, toggle on the desired data fields for your unit and dispatch call information.

For every field toggled, a text file will be generated to be viewed in OBS. However, we recommend creating custom text files to combine multiple data fields in a single text file.

Stream Overlay - Custom Text Files

Data Field Keys:

These can be easily copied from the UI, by pressing the Copy button next to the toggled field and pasting into the custom file's key textbox.




Unit Status


Unit Location


Unit AOP


Unit Number


Unit Name


Unit Agency


Unit Department


Unit Subdivision


Unit Rank


Unit Group


Unit Panic Status


Dispatch Call ID


Dispatch Call Origin


Dispatch Call Status


Dispatch Call Priority


Dispatch Call Block


Dispatch Call Address


Dispatch Call Postal


Dispatch Call Title


Dispatch Call 10-Code


Dispatch Call Description

4. Save your Configuration

Don't forget to save your configuration!

5. Configure Data in OBS

In OBS, add a new text source:

OBS - New Text Source

In the text source properties, select Read from File and select one of your generated data key files from the location specified earlier.

Stream Overlay - Text Files
Stream Overlay - Text file Viewer

You can now place the text field anywhere in your OBS stream layout.

You can also customize the fonts, change the background and more!

Purchasing the Overlay

The free version of the livestream overlay allows anyone to test out the basic functionality. The free version does not allow use of the Twitch bot, bodycam, and is locked to a maximum of three custom "data keys".

The full version of Sonoran CAD's livestream overlay and Twitch bot is available for $7.99/mo.

Users can purchase a license to the full version in their billing center: