Stream Deck Integration
Utilize our desktop application's global hotkey system with your Elgato Stream Deck!

Our desktop application allows for global hotkey access to change your status, panic, open a new lookup, record center, and more even when the app is minimized.
For users with a Stream Deck, you can utilize these functions for quick access while in-game.
Sonoran CAD - Stream Deck

Download the profile for your Stream Deck or Stream Deck Mini.

Typically, you can double click the .streamDeckProfile file and automatically import it. Otherwise, you can manually import it through the menu.

  1. 1.
    Select "Edit Profiles"
Stream Deck - Edit Profile
2. Select "Import"
Stream Deck - Import Profile
3. Select the downloaded Stream Deck Profile
Stream Deck - Select Profile

In Sonoran CAD, you can view and manage your hotkeys in the settings menu.
If you change them from the default values, you will need to update them in your Stream Deck. Simply click on the icon, click the Hotkey field, and change the key.
Stream Deck - Change Hotkey

You can edit the Sonoran CAD launch key to automatically launch the Sonoran CAD desktop app.

Select the Sonoran CAD launch logo and click the ... file browser under the file path bar.
Stream Deck - Select Launch Path

Paste `%appdata% into the file browser bar and press enter.
Navigate to AppData

Select the Sonoran CAD desktop application under AppData > Local > Programs > Sonoran CAD.exe
Select the Sonoran CAD.exe

You can now press the Sonoran CAD icon on your Stream Deck to launch the desktop application.
Launch Sonoran CAD via Stream Deck

Your Stream Deck can automatically launch the Sonoran CAD profile when you open the Sonoran CAD Desktop application.

Hit the gear icon, or the dropdown under your profile name:
Stream Deck - Edit Profile

Select the Sonoran CAD profile and "Other" from the application dropdown. Then, follow the same steps to locate the Sonoran CAD.exe as before.
Stream Deck - Auto Launech Profile
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