Sonoran CAD offers dozens of customization options for your community. Check out the configuration options below!
Here are the articles in this section:
Custom Domain & Login Page
Looking to use your own domain name with Sonoran CAD? We've made it easy for you!
Customizing Your Layout
Sonoran CAD allows for fully customizable layouts to improve efficiency in your workflows.
Community Branding and Settings
Customize your community's settings, branding, information, and more!
Creating Custom Record and Report Types
Learn how to create custom record and report types for your community!
Sharing Custom Records
Sonoran CAD allows you to share custom record formats between different communities.
Custom Search Types
Sonoran CAD allows you to add custom searchable/indexed fields to your custom records.
Geographical Settings
For communities outside of the US, Sonoran CAD allows you to change your CAD's geographical settings!
Penal Codes
Sonoran CAD allows you to customize your community's penal codes, charge type names, bond type names, and more!
Learn more about importing your 10-codes into Sonoran CAD.
Addresses and Street Names
Sonoran CAD allows you to upload custom street names to auto-populate in the dispatch call editor.
Unit Status Codes
Sonoran CAD allows you to customize your unit status code options!
Tone Board
Learn more about Sonoran CAD's customizable tone board!
Custom Audio Notifications
Learn more about customizing the audio notifications for new dispatches, dispatch signals, and more!
Custom Emails
Sonoran CAD allows you to send customized, branded emails when your community members register from your custom login pa...
Quick Links
Sonoran CAD allows you to add and customize quick links for all emergency services to view.
Custom Page Colors
Customize your community's page colors with Sonoran CAD!
User Account Restrictions
Sonoran CAD allows you to restrict how many characters, licenses, or vehicle registrations a user may have!
Configuring Multiple Servers
Sonoran CAD allows you to configure servers to separate units and dispatchers, but still share all records globally.
Advanced Query Strings
Sonoran CAD provides additional query string options for embedded use!