Create custom timers to check in on pursuits, dispatch calls, units, and more!

What are Dispatch Timers?

Sonoran CAD allows users to create custom dispatch timers. Some example use cases of these timers are as follows:

  • Creating a 10 minute pursuit timer before authorizing a pit maneuver

  • Reminders to periodically check in on a unit

  • Reminders to check in on a specific dispatch call

When a timer has completed, it will flash an icon next to any attachments and play a customizable tone.

Creating a New Timer

Dispatch timers can be created through multiple different shortcuts.

Via the Timer Panel

From the start menu: Unit Management > Timers

Press New to create a new timer.

Drag-And-Drop to Tab

If you have the timer panel tab minimized or pinned, you can drag a unit, group, or dispatch call right to the tab.

From the Context Menu

Left click on a unit ID, group name, or dispatch call ID: Timers > New Timer

Editing a Timer

Via Timer Panel

The timer panel has options to start, pause, restart, and remove a timer.

Additionally, you can expand the timer to change the name and duration.

Via the Context Menu

When a unit, group, or call is attached to a timer you can click on the timer icon. A timer menu will be displayed, allowing you to start, pause, restart, or clear the timer's attachment.

Timer Attachments

You can attach a unit, group, or call to a timer. This will display a timer icon next to the attached unit or call. You can hover over this icon to view the remaining time, or click on it for the timer context menu.

Via Drag-And-Drop

In addition to dragging a unit, group, or dispatch call to a minimized tab you can also drag it to a timer in the panel.

Via Context Menu

Click on a unit, group, or dispatch call: Timers > Select a Timer

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