Request Discord Role

Learn how to request roles in the Sonoran Software Discord server.

See the guides below for claiming a Customeror Instagram role in our Discord.

Customer Lobby

The Customer role grants users access to the #customer-lobby channel.

General Lobby

The Instagram role grant access to the #general-lobby channel.

Community Development

The Community Developer role grants access to our #community-development channel.


Users who Nitro Boost our Discord are granted access to the #advertise-here channel. Please see the pinned message in that channel for more information.

1. Retrieve your Subscription ID

In the Sonoran CAD payment center, copy the subscription ID from the "Active Subscriptions" table:

2. Retrieve your Discord Tag

In Discord, click your username to copy your Discord tag.

3. Enter your Information

On our support website, select the "Discord Role" button and paste in your information.

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