Call Commands

Handles sending emergency calls to the CAD.

This plugin utilizes API endpoints that require the standard version of Sonoran CAD or higher. For more information, view our pricing page.

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Installation Video

Click to view our call commands install video.

Be sure you have already installed our plugin framework!

Installation Guide

1. Download and Install the Framework

If you haven't already, be sure to install and configure the plugin framework first.

2. Download the Plugin and all Dependencies

  1. Click HERE to download the call commands plugin .zip file.

  2. Download and install the locations plugin.

  3. (Optional) Download and install the postal plugin.

3. Install the Plugin and all Dependencies

  1. Follow the standard plugin installation guide for the call commands, locations, and postal plugins.






Toggles your unit panic status in the CAD


Sends specific 911 call to the CAD


Sends specific 511 call to the CAD (Civil)


Sends non-emergency call to the CAD (Civil)

Custom Events

 EVENT: SonoranCAD::callcommands:cadIncomingCall
      emergency = true/false (911 or 311 call)
      caller = name of caller
      location = street / cross street string
      description = description of call
      source = playerId

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