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Free Plugin Installation - Next Steps

This guide covers the next steps after receiving free Sonoran CAD plugin installation with your Sonoran Servers Windows Server or Expert Installation.
Sonoran Servers - Bundle Program

1. Locate your Installed Plugins

Every plugin installed will have a separate folder. These are located in the \sonorancad\plugins directory.
Sonoran CAD - Plugin Folders

2. View and Change Configuration Files

For every Sonoran CAD plugin installed, there will be a config_{pluginName}.lua file present.
Sonoran CAD - Plugin Config File
You can open these configuration files with a text editor and change values.
For more information on a plugin's configuration options, you can view the individual plugin guides on the Available Plugins page and scroll down to the configuration section.
If you modify a configuration file, be sure to save it and restart sonorancad in your server console, or restart the server.