Civilian Integration

Allows players to fetch ID information from the CAD on demand.

This plugin utilizes API endpoints that require the plus version of Sonoran CAD or higher. For more information, view our pricing page.

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This plugin allows players to fetch their character information from the CAD. Basic functionality is provided with the /showid command, but developers are encouraged to use the export for their own creations.


1. Download and Install the Framework

If you haven't already, be sure to install and configure the plugin framework first.

2. Download the Plugin and all Dependencies

  1. Click HERE to download the civintegration plugin .zip file.

  2. Download and install the apicheck plugin.

  3. Download and install the locations plugin.

3. Install the Plugin and all Dependencies

  1. Follow the standard plugin installation guide for the civintegration, locations, and API check plugins.

4. Set Your API ID

Don't forget to set your account API ID to properly link your in-game user to the CAD.

Further Configuration



Default Value


Time to cache characters in seconds



Allow players to use /setid to set a custom name.



Allow players to use /refreshid to "purge" their character list from cache.



Recommended: Allows for a more realistic identification ui with /showid




The plugin comes with a few basic commands to show off the functionality.



/showid [id]

Shows the current ID of the specified player ID. If not specified, will show the current player's ID. Currently, it is displayed only to the calling client.


Sets a custom ID (first/last name, and date of birth). Overrides the currently selected CAD ID. Can be disabled in configuration.


Resets the custom ID specified above.


Removes the "cached" characters for the client. This allows players to swap characters in the CAD without relogging or waiting for the cache timer.


You can use this export to fetch all characters for a specific player ID. This is a server-side export only.

Function: "GetCharacters"
    player: the player ID
    callback: function to call after fetching the data. Returns an array of character objects.

    exports["sonorancad"]:GetCharacters(playerId, function(result)
        -- do stuff with result, an array of character objects

This function can also be used in other plugins (without the export bit).

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