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Dispatch Notify

Notify officers of incoming calls, allow them to attach to them, notify the caller, and route units via GPS in real-time to calls and the lead pursuit officer...all in one!
This plugin utilizes API endpoints that require the plus version of Sonoran CAD or higher. For more information, view our pricing page.
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This plugin

Video Showcase

Check out our video showcase of this plugin here.


1. Download and Install the Framework

If you haven't already, be sure to install and configure the plugin framework first.

2. Download the Plugin and all Dependencies

  1. 1.
    Click HERE to download the DispatchNotify plugin .zip file.
  2. 2.
    Download and install the callcommands plugin.
  3. 3.
    (Optional) download and install the postals plugin.

3. Install the Plugin and all Dependencies

  1. 1.
    Follow the standard plugin installation guide for the dispatchnotify and callcommands plugins.

4. Add your Game Server IP and Port

Be sure to have your game server IP and port set in the admin panel under Advanced > In-Game Integration > Server Events and Integrated Live Map
Sonoran CAD - Server IP and Port

5. Set Your API ID

Don't forget to set your account API ID to properly link your in-game user to the CAD.

6. Configuration

Review the config_dispatchnotify.lua file to configure the plugin to behave how you like. The file is well documented. Please review all the settings!


Respond/Attach to the new dispatch call
Toggle the GPS auto-lock when dispatch updates the postal code


Config Value
Enable incoming 911 call notifications
Specifies what emergency calls are displayed as. Some countries use different numbers (like 999)
Specifies non-emergency call types. If unused, set to blank ("")
Some communities use 511 for tow calls. Specify below, or set blank ("") to disable
Command to respond to calls with
Enable call responding (self-dispatching)
If disabled, running commandName will return an error to the unit
If a dispatcher is detected to be online, automatically disable the response command.
Enable "units are on the way" notifications
chat: Sends a message in chat
pnotify: Uses pNotify to show a notification
custom: Use the custom event SonoranCAD::dispatchnotify:IncomingCallNotifyinstead (Provides single parameter) - The message.
NotifyMessage: Message template to use when sending to the player
You can use the following replacements:
{officer} - officer name
How should officers be notified of a new 911 call? Parameters: {location} - location of call (street + postal) {description} - description as given by civilian {caller} - caller's name {callId} - ID of the call so LEO can respond with /r911 {command} - The command to use
How to detect if units are online? incad: units must be logged into the CAD permissions: units must have the "sonorancad.dispatchnotify" ACE permission (see docs) esxjob: requires esxsupport plugin, use jobs instead for on duty detection custom: Use custom function (defined below as unitDutyCustom)
What jobs should count as being on duty?
Customise the title of a call made in the CAD postal: set gps to caller's postal (less accurate, more realistic) - REQUIRES CONFIGURED POSTAL PLUGIN exact: set gps to caller's position (less realistic) none: disable waypointing
Fall back to postal if exact coordinates cannot be found (for self-generated calls)
Type of waypoint to use when officer is attached Default: OFFICER RESPONSE
Enable "the sending of notes to units" notifications
chat: Sends a message in chat
pnotify: Uses pNotify to show a notification
custom: Use the custom event SonoranCAD::dispatchnotify:NewCallNoteinstead (Provides single parameter) - The message.
NotifyMessage: Message template to use when sending to the player
You can use the following replacements:
{callid} - The CAD Call ID
{note} - The Note Added
Enable "the adding of the notes" notifications
Command to add notes to a call with
Enable "the adding of plates that are locked" notifications - REQUIRES CONFIGURED WRAITHV2 PLUGIN​
Command to add plates to a call with

Dispatch Call Responding

1. Civilian Places a 911 Call

This call can be placed from the Civilian menu of the CAD, or via the /911 command in-game, supplied by the callcommands plugin.

2. Officer Attaches to the Call

All on-duty officers get a notification (if configured) and can use the attach command to respond to the call.

A. Call Attach Command

By default, this command is /rcall <callid>, where callid is the ID shown in the call notification.

B. GPS Toggle Command

Units can optionally choose to disable the postal updating when dispatch updates the call (or primary unit tracking) by using the /togglegps command. This is a toggle and will be shown in chat what it gets changed to. This is ON by default.

Primary Unit Tracking (Pursuit)

Dispatch notify can also be used to track the primary unit on a call. This will auto route attached units via GPS to the primary unit in real-time. Additionally, the postal code on the call will be continually updated for dispatchers to easily view. This is highly useful for pursuits, where additional units need to catch up and join the chase.

1. Toggle Unit Tracking for the Primary Unit

A. Via the CAD UI:

Dispatchers can set the primary unit to any unit currently attached to the call. The slider next to the Primary Unit box will toggle tracking mode. When enabled, the postal will automatically update based on the primary unit's location and be sent to all attached units.
Sonoran CAD - Primary Unit
A unit can also designate themselves as primary, but only if Self Dispatch is enabled.
Sonoran CAD - Primary Unit


  • No notifications for 911 calls
    • Units must be logged into the CAD (by default) or meeting the requirements depending on how the plugin is configured.
    • If using pNotify notifications, ensure that resource is running.
  • Units do not automatically attach to calls
    • Ensure their API ID is set so the server knows who they are.
  • Caller is not notified when units attach to the call
    • If the caller ever leaves the server and rejoins, this feature does not work.
    • If dispatch created the call within the CAD, there is no way to notify a caller.
    • Ensure you are not overriding the 911 command (default /911) with another resource.