Live Map

Sonoran CAD's live map plugin updates unit locations, unit numbers, statuses, and shows currently attached dispatch calls all right on the live map interface.
Sonoran CAD's Custom Integrated Live Map System

This plugin utilizes API endpoints that require the plus version of SonoranCAD or higher. For more information, view our pricing page.

The live map will require you to open one additional port on your server. You will need to contact your hosting provider if you are unsure how to do this.

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Installation Video

Click to view our live map installation video.

Be sure you have already installed our plugin framework!

The live map will only show units that are in your server and also actively logged into the police, fire, or EMS panel in the CAD. Be sure to have your API ID set.

Installation Guide

1. Download and Install the Framework

If you haven't already, be sure to install and configure the plugin framework first.

2. Download the Plugin and all Dependencies

Click HERE to download the live map plugin .zip file.

3. Install the Plugin and all Dependencies

Follow the standard plugin installation guide for the live map plugin.

4. Configuration

This requires the resource sonoran_livemap to be loaded. This is bundled with the base resource.

  1. Add a new line for ensure sonoran_livemap into your server.cfg file.

ERROR: Couldn't start resource sonoran_livemap

Error message without starting webpack

Particularly with Linux, some users have an additional installation step.

First, run start webpack in your server console before running start sonoran_livemap in order to build it for the first time. You can stop webpack after it has been built.

You will have to do this step whenever the sonoran_livemap resource is updated.

A. Live Map Configuration




Default Value





Sets the port the live map socket server should listen on




Sets how much information gets printed to the console (0 = none, 1 = basic information, 2 = all)




Sets the file that will contain the generated blips that is exposed via HTTP




Sets the domain that is allowed to access the blips.json file (E.g. "" will only allow the UI on to get the blips), "*" will allow everyone

All above convars are set via the set command in your server config, such as set socket_port 30000 if you wanted to change the port to 30000. You DO NOT need to add any of these to your server config if you are not changing them from their default values, they will use the defaults if there is no convar set.

Config File Options

Config Option



If the player isn't logged into the CAD, don't show them


How often to check if units change state (ms)


Show incoming calls on the map?


Use in-CAD name for online units? false uses in-game name or ESX name (if esxsupport plugin is loaded)


Localization/translation options

B. Admin Panel Configuration

IMPORTANT: You must use an unused port for the map port. It cannot be the same as the port used to connect to your server (which is by default 30120).

  1. IP: Set IP to the public IP address of your server,

  2. Map Port: The port you specified via socket_port above or the default, which is 30121.

  3. Click "Save and Deploy" to deploy your live map.

Click Save And Deploy. After a few seconds, the live map should appear as a button on most CAD screens (Police, Dispatch, etc) and will auto-update with your unit positions.

C. Port Forwarding

You will need to port forward specified in the Map Port. This port is accessed by Sonoran CAD to serve position data and view the blips. If you are unsure how to port forward, you will need to contact your hosting provider.

You can use a port checker to ensure you have properly opened your map port.

5. Set Your API ID

Don't forget to have each community member set their account API ID to properly link their in-game user to the CAD.

6. Enjoy!

In the Police, Fire, EMS, or Dispatch window you can now click the "Live Map" button to view your new live map! Selecting a blip will show it's updated position and unit information.

This is found in the task bar's start menu under Unit Management > Live Map You can also pin the live map button to your taskbar for easy access.

Sonoran CAD: Live Map Button

The live map will only show units that are in your server and also actively logged into the police, fire, or EMS panel in the CAD. Be sure to have your API ID set.

When are Player Blips Displayed?

Players will only show on the map when ALL of the following conditions are met:

  1. The player has their API ID set in the CAD.

  2. The player actively is logged into the police, fire, or EMS page.

  3. The player has the correct server selected in the CAD, on the top right of the page.

  4. The player is actively logged into the server.

  5. The player has Steam, Discord, or other identifier type program running:

    • If the server API IDs are based on the Steam HEX, the player must have Steam running.

    • If the server API IDs are based on Discord IDs, the player must have Discord running.

Using a Custom Map

This feature requires the pro version of SonoranCAD. For more information, view our pricing page.

Sonoran CAD allows communities to upload custom map images to the integrated, hosted live map. If your community does not use one of the map types provided, you can upload the images manually.

1. Extract Images

Extract the images from the YTD files with a program like OpenIV. You will need six files named exactly as follows:

minimap_sea_0_0.png minimap_sea_0_1.png minimap_sea_1_0.png minimap_sea_1_1.png minimap_sea_2_0.png minimap_sea_2_1.png

OpenIV - Extract Images
OpenIV - Save Images

2. Upload Images

Navigate to Admin > Advanced > In-Game Integration > Live Map and Push Events Select "Upload Custom" and upload all six correctly named files.

Live Map - Custom Map Uploader

3. File Size

Custom map images are limited to 30MB each. However, if you are uploading more than 100MB of images total, you will need to upload in separate batches.

Using Different Ports

If you are not using the default map port 30121 you will need to change the configuration.

Your hosting provider may give you other ports, or you may have services already running on these default ports. You will need one additional open port not being used by any other service.

  1. Navigate to your server's server.cfg file.

  2. Add the lines to set the convar values to the ports you are using

    • Ex: Your hosting provider opens port 8000 for you to use.

      • set socket_port 8000 for the live map port.

        • Make this line is BEFORE/ABOVE your ensure sonoran_livemap and ensure sonorancad lines in the server.cfg.

  3. Update the port in the admin panel setting the new map and listener ports.

  4. Save everything, restart your server, and deploy the live map.

If you are unsure how to open additional ports, you will need to contact your hosting provider.

You can use a port checker to ensure you have properly opened these ports.


If you're still having issues, check out our troubleshooting steps below: