Live Map

Sonoran CAD's live map allows you to update and view live unit locations, emergency calls, in-game road signs, and more!

This plugin utilizes API endpoints that require the plus version of Sonoran CAD or higher. For more information, view our pricing page.

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Installation Guide

1. Download and Install the Framework

If you haven't already, be sure to install and configure the plugin framework first.

2. Install Desired Blip Plugins

Install the Locations Plugin

The locations plugin includes all logic required to display and update unit locations on the live map.

Install the Postals Plugin

The postals plugin (for Pro communities only) allows you to automatically search the live map for postals, zoom to an active unit location, or active call location.

Install the Smart Signs Plugin

The smart signs plugin (Optional, for Pro communities only) allows you to change in-game smart signs right from the live map. This is an optional install feature.

Install the Call Commands Plugin

The call commands plugin allows you to create emergency 911 calls in-game with a command, and provides the emergency call blips on the live map.

3. Choose Your Map

In the admin panel, navigate to Advanced > In-Game Integration > Server Events and Integrated Live Map

Here, you can enable and select a default map option for GTA, Roblox, or others. Additionally, pro communities can upload a custom map.

4. Set Your API ID

Don't forget to have each community member set their account API ID to properly link their in-game user to the CAD.

5. User Access Permission

Users will need to be granted access to view the live map. This can be done via Discord role sync, permission key, or by manually granting permissions in the admin menu.

6. Enjoy!

In the Police, Fire, EMS, or Dispatch window you can now click the "Live Map" button to view your new live map! Selecting a blip will show it's updated position and unit information.

This is found in the task bar's start menu under Unit Management > Live Map You can also pin the live map button to your taskbar for easy access.

The live map will only show units that are in your server and also actively logged into the police, fire, or EMS panel in the CAD. Be sure to have your API ID set.

Using the Live Map

Map Controls

The postal search functionality requires the Pro version of Sonoran CAD.

For more information, view our pricing page.

With the postals plugin configured, you can manually enter and search for a postal code on the live map.

Or, quickly auto-open and search for the location by clicking the search icon:

  • In the active call's postal field

  • In the active unit's location field

Blip Customization

You can toggle specific blips visibility and outline colors for police, fire, EMS, and dispatch.

Unit Blips

Unit blips display the live location of all police, fire, EMS, and dispatch units in-game. You can hover over a unit for brief details, or click on one for more options.

You can also easily filter the map to specific units by selecting them in the active units panel.

Clicking on a unit blip allows you to add the unit to a call, add the unit to a group, send the unit lookup results, edit the unit's information, toggle their panic state, and more.


Drag-and-drop support for the live map is currently only available for the Roblox (ER:LC) edition.

Drag-and-drop is also supported for unit blips. The following drag-and-drop options are supported:

  • Drag to the call editor

  • Drag to an active call

  • Drag to a unit group

  • Drag to the unit group header to create a new group

  • Drag to the lookup window or minimized tab

  • Drag to the timer window or minimized tab

  • Drag to the tone board window or minimized tab

Emergency Call Blips

Emergency calls placed in-game will also appear on the live map. You can hover over the blip for the call details.

Clicking on the emergency blip allows you to import the call to your editor or remove the emergency call.


Drag-and-drop is also supported for emergency call blips.

You can drag the emergency call to your call editor to import and view the information.

Smart Sign Blips

Smart signs will also appear as blips on the map. You can click on these to edit the signs in-game.

Using a Custom Map

This feature requires the pro version of Sonoran CAD. For more information, view our pricing page.

Sonoran CAD allows communities to upload custom map images to the integrated, hosted live map. If your community does not use one of the map types provided, you can upload the images manually.

1. Extract Images

Extract the images from the YTD files with a program like OpenIV. You will need six files named exactly as follows:

minimap_sea_0_0.png minimap_sea_0_1.png minimap_sea_1_0.png minimap_sea_1_1.png minimap_sea_2_0.png minimap_sea_2_1.png

2. Upload Images

Navigate to Admin > Advanced > In-Game Integration > Live Map and Push Events Select "Upload Custom" and upload all six correctly named files.

3. File Size

Custom map images are limited to 30MB each. However, if you are uploading more than 100MB of images total, you will need to upload in separate batches.

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