HTTP Request Handling

Have your plugin handle HTTP requests sent to a special URL.

Plugin Code

This code only works on the Server side files since HTTP only works on servers, obviously!

You must return something, even if it's just a confirmation the data was received. Otherwise, the HTTP request will hang and eventually error on the client's side.

RegisterPluginHttpEvent("yourpluginname:hello", function(data)
    debugLog(("Got data: %s"):format(json.encode(data)))
    return { result = "ok, got some data!" }


The framework exposes the RegisterPluginHttpEvent function for plugins to use (is not exported, currently). Using this function "registers" a particular type where the framework will send the POSTed payload to the callback function.

Note: This will block the HTTP request, so take care if this is requesting data from an external source like a database.

To actually use this, we would POST to the URL, as noted below.

Return a LUA table which will be encoded as JSON back to the requesting client.

Plugin Event

POST http://yourserverip:serverport/sonorancad/pluginevent

Send a payload to trigger a specific HTTP event that was defined in the plugin code.

Request Body




A JSON object containing the payload to be sent



The registered type this data should be sent to



Your API Key

Response varies based on return statement defined in the handler.

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