Tablet & Mini-CAD

Automatically set user's API IDs in the CAD on a login, and view your CAD in-game with our easy to use tablet resource! Use the Mini-CAD to view current calls, and easily attach to and view them.

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1. Download and Install the Framework

If you haven't already, be sure to install and configure the plugin framework first. This resource is included in the base framework.

2. Start the Resource

In your server.cfg file add the following new line: ensure tablet

3. Set URL Convar (Optional)

If you wish to use a custom login page, you can set a convar in your server.cfg. The easiest way to show your custom login page is to use a query string.


Simply replace YOUR_COMMUNITY_ID_HERE in the URL with your community ID. EX:

Add the following to your server.cfg before starting the tablet resource:

setr sonorantablet_cadUrl "YOUR_URL_HERE"

Fill in with your actual URL above with the comid you want.

4. Using the Tablet

  • Use the /showcad command in-game to toggle your tablet. You can also add a custom keybind to open the tablet by going to GTA Settings > Keybinds > FiveM

  • Use the /cadsize <width> <height> command to resize the tablet to best fit your screen. This size persists on reload of the client.

  • Use the /cadrefresh command to refresh the tablet if it's not loading properly.

5. Using the Mini-CAD

This plugin utilizes API endpoints that require the Plus version of Sonoran CAD or higher. For more information, view our pricing page.

  • Use the /minicad command in-game to display your Mini-CAD. You must be logged into the Police or Fire CAD, and need to have your API ID set.

  • While open, use /showcad to focus the minicad and allow the elements to be clickable, such as the Attach button.

  • You can close or move the Mini-CAD by opening the tablet, and interacting with the Mini-CAD window.

  • (Experimental) Use the /minicadsize <width> <height> command to resize the Mini-CAD to best fit your screen. This size persists on reload of the client.

  • Use the /minicadrefresh command to refresh the Mini-CAD if it's not loading properly.

  • Controls

    • Use the Left Arrow Key to display the previous call.

    • Use the Right Arrow Key to display the next call.

    • Use the K key to attach or detach to/from the displayed call.

    • Use the L key to toggle display of the call details.

    • All these commands can be edited from the Keybinds menu.

6. Auto API ID

When a user signs into the CAD using the in-game tablet, their API ID can be automatically be set in the CAD.

To enable this, open the check API plugin's config and set forceSetApiId to true.

Additionally, communities using Steam as their framework's primaryIdentifier will need to ensure they have a Steam key set for their server.

Known Issues

Tablet SSO Sign In via Discord/Apple

The in-game tablet utilizes an iFrame. Because Apple and Discord have disabled their oauth pages from being viewed inside of an iFrame, users will be unable to use these sign in methods from in-game.

1. Utilize the official Desktop App Overlay system

pageSteam Browser - Workaround

Because your account was created using Discord/Apple, your email does not yet have a password set to login via Sonoran.

  1. Navigate to the account website -> Recover Password

  2. Enter in the email address of the Discord/Apple account

  3. Check your email for a link to setting your new password

  4. Sign-in on the Tablet using the Sonoran sign-in method (Discord can still be used elsewhere)

If you are having an issue using the Sonoran sign-ing method please see below.

Timeout SonoranCAD::mini:CallSync

Some users may see SonoranCAD::mini:CallSync listed multiple times after recieving a timeout.

When your client recieves a timeout from the server for any reason, it will display a list of the most recent requests. Because Sonoran's Mini-CAD runs frequent sync requests, these will consequenty be displayed.

This is not an issue with or related to Sonoran CAD. This is a general timeout between the client and server listing all recent calls as diagnostic information.

Tablet Showing Grey

Some users may get a grey, black or blank screen when using the Sonoran Login method before and then opening the tablet and it just being a grey screen.

To resolve this, close FiveM, then to go to your FiveM Application Data folder then to data and then delete the nui-storage folder.

If you still are having issues reach out to our support team.

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