Implements the Wraith ARS 2X plate reader for automated plate reading.
This plugin utilizes API endpoints that require the Plus version of SonoranCAD or higher. For more information, view our pricing page.
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This plugin is for sending plate reads to other plugins.

Showcase Video

Installation Video

Be sure you have already installed our plugin framework!

Installation Guide

1. Download and Install the Framework

If you haven't already, be sure to install and configure the plugin framework first.

2. Download the Plugin and Dependencies

  1. 1.
    Click HERE to download the WraithV2 plugin .zip file.
  2. 2.
    Download and install the lookups plugin.
  3. 3.
    Ensure the third-party pNotify addon is installed.

3. Install the Plugin and all Dependencies

  1. 1.
    Follow the standard plugin installation guide for the WraithV2 plugin and the lookups plugin.

4. Configuration

In the config_wraithv2.luafile, set isPluginEnabled in the to true.
Use of this plugin requires the Wraith ARS 2X radar and plate reader to function. This resource is bundled with the latest SonoranCAD release as wk_wars2x.
You also need pNotify, a third party plugin that is not bundled by default.
Config Option
use vehicle registration expirations, or not
use middle initials?
alert if no registration was found on scan?
Custom record field UID containing the status
Custom record field UID containing the expiration date
List of statuses to flag/alert on

5. Custom Record Handling

If you wish to have the plugin alert when the vehicle is not registered, is marked as stolen, etc. you will need to ensure you have set the custom record field's UID in your config.

Find your custom record field's UID

In the CAD navigate to Admin > Customization > Custom Records > select your custom vehicle registration record.
The very last column of the field containing your status and expiration dates will have the field's UID (unique identifier, sometimes referred to as 'field mapping id').
Custom Records - Field UID

Set the UID in your Config

By default, the statusUid is status and expiresUid is expiration for the default record. If you have customized these, you will need to update the UID in your config.

Set Statuses to be Flagged

The flagOnStatuses array contains a list of values that will result in a flag being displayed on the radar popup if they're found in the corresponding statusUid field.
Ex: flagOnStatuses = {"STOLEN", "EXPIRED", "PENDING", "SUSPENDED"}

6. Set Your API ID

In order to have locked plate results sent back to your CAD, don't forget to set your account API ID.


For more information on using the in-game UI, please view the Wraith ARS 2X release information. Results are sent directly to your CAD when a license plate is locked.
Wraith ARS 2X Controls


AI Cars are Spamming the Reader

The framework ships with the wk_wars2x plate reader included. This will have the config.use_sonorancad set to true. When enabled, the plate reader will not run a lookup on any AI vehicle.
Wraith - Use Sonoran CAD Config Option

Vehicles Aren't Being Flagged


Keep in mind that AI vehicles won't display or be ran unless there's a vehicle registration record added to the CAD with that plate.
Ensure that you've correctly followed step 5 and the statusUid and expirationUid fields have been set correctly, both in the CAD record template and the plugin config.
Ensure that the flagOnStatuses array has the exact string/text values that match the options in your custom record template.

BOLO and Warrant

Ensure that your custom BOLO and Warrant records have a field with the type set to status. Otherwise, there's no way to determine if the BOLO/Warrant is active, closed, etc. The plate reader will warn of any active BOLO or Warrant records with the vehicle plate attached and the status type field set to active/open.