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We're always looking to help expand Sonoran CAD's guides and tutorials. Submit an approved tutorial, and we'll give you a discount on your next month's subscription!

Guidelines for Tutorials

Submitted tutorials must contain the following criteria:

  1. Contain adequate and clear screenshots for all major steps

  2. Contain in-depth and clear instructions

  3. Cover common mistakes, issues, or errors

  4. Cover common troubleshooting steps, particularly for any integration features

  5. Be formatted with proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation

  6. Cover topics not already in our existing tutorial or informational base

How to Submit

Once completed, email your written tutorial as a PDF or Word document to:

Receive your Discount

Provided your tutorial is accepted, you will receive a credit or discount applied to your next month's subscription.

Tutorials specifically covering more advanced features, common integration issues/errors, or features working with database and hosting providers are specifically in higher demand.

Tutorials are manually reviewed, modified, and converted onto our informational site. Not all submitted tutorials or guides are accepted, nor will all submissions qualify for a subscription discount. Sonoran Software reserves the right to deny submissions, or disqualify submissions for a discount for any reason, at anytime.